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Pacific Northwest Energy Digest Winter 2019

Diane Henkels

Greetings and happy new year!

The Pacific Northwest Energy Digest is a summary of mostly government energy related events produced quarterly.  Work and other opportunities for small business are highlighted in italics.

The purpose of the Energy Digest is to even the information playing field as we move forward to a cleaner energy economy.  Thanks to Will Davis and Jack Wadleigh for helping research and produce this issue.

Some highlights for Winter 2019

Highlights are posted and updated daily.

Yellow shaded indicates information of particular interest or relevance to small business.


  • Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians' primer providing background on energy and the Pacific Northwest tribes

  • Pacific Coast Collaborative Transportation plan

  • Northwest Power and Planning Council State of the Regional Economy and Energy Markets & Midterm Assessment of the 7th Power Plan


  • Legislature long session bills introduced soon, Legislature starts   

  • See reports, background briefs on energy, and small business rules advisory committee (HB 4052 from 2018), State building codes

  • OPUC Transportation electrification planning

  • OPUC Avoided cost of energy efficiency

  • Department of Administrative Services electric vehicle charging stations