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Energy Choices:  How to Power the Future Eds. Robin Morris Collin and Robert William Collin by Praeger Press (2014).  Diane Henkels wrote the chapter on wind energy.

“When Chemical Releases Occur at a Federal Facility: Navigating the Recovery Labyrinth," University of Oregon Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (Winter 2010). 

Primary author, “Coastal Law in Oregon,” including piece on tribal rights, Oregon Insider (September 2007).

Co-Editor, Environmental and Natural Resources Deskbook Supplement, Oregon State Bar, edited “Indian Law and Protection of Cultural Resources” chapter and authored “Sustainability” chapter (2006) Deskbook Supplement, Oregon State Bar 

Co-author, “International Investment, Development, and Privatization,” The International Lawyer, Vol. 37, No. 2, 389-397 (Summer 2003).

Author, "A Close up of Madagascar's Environmental Law," Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (2002). 

"Une Vue de Pres du Droit de l'Environnement Malgache," ("A Close-up Look at Madagascar's Environmental Law,") African Studies Quarterly,  (1999). In French. 

Co-author,“Good Neighbor Agreements: A Tool for Environmental and Social Justice,” Social Justice, Vol. 23, No. 4 (1996),  and reprinted in Christopher Williams, (Ed.) Environmental Victims 125 (1998). 


Miscellaneous Articles

Co-author, SFS newsletter

Co-author, "Coastal Law in Oregon," Oregon Insider (September 2007).

"International Investment, Development, and Privatization," co-author, The International Lawyer, Summer 2003, Vol. 37, No. 2. pp. 389-397.

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"Diversity in the Judiciary: A View from the Bench--OWLS Bar Breakfast Quite a Treat," Oregon Women Lawyers Advance Sheet vol. 16, No. 1, Winter 2005.

Outlook, Oregon State Bar Environmental and Natural Resources section newsletter:

Author, "Early And Frequent Consultation Gets Best Results In Section 106's Historic Preservation Process" (Spring 2008).

Managing Editor, "Seeking Environmental Justice Under the Law" (Winter 2007).

Managing Editor, "Why Sustainability Matters to Lawyers" (Fall 2005).

Co-Managing Editor, 2004-2007.

"Cleaning Up and Developing an Orphan Site," (Spring 2004).

"A Confluence in Oregon's Water Law," Issue Editor, (Fall 2004).

“The Klamath Tribes’ Role in Klamath Water Basin Dealings," (Fall 2004)

"Regional Water Supply Planning on the Coast," (Fall 2004)

"The Klamath Tribes' Role in Klamath Water Basin Dealings," (Spring 2002).

Newport, Oregon News-Times:  2002-2003 series of newspaper articles on watershed restoration and research in the midcoast watershed basin, Oregon

Henkels, Diane. "Local women receive governor's [watershed] awards" News-Times 15 Jan. 2003.

Henkels, Diane. "Meeting Monday on future of Fall Creek Hatchery" News-Times 22 Nov. 2002.

Henkels, Diane. "Data shows coho population returning" News-Times 25 Oct. 2002.

Henkels, Diane. "Yaquina salt marsh restoration under way" News-Times 2 Feb. 2008.

Henkels, Diane. "Students to speak to watershed council" News-Times 5 June 2002.

Henkels, Diane. "Tree planting project slated for Eddyville School" News-Times 28 June 2002.

Henkels, Diane. "MidCoast Watershed Council Pulls French Broom" News-Times 22 April 2002.

Siletz News:  Various updates on the Siletz Tribal Court and Code Development Project. 

Vermont Law School Forum