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Pacific Northwest Energy Digest January 2017

Diane Henkels

The Pacific Northwest Energy Digest is a summary of mostly government energy-related events in the Pacific Northwest.  Events included are generally free and open to the public participation.  Below is the Pacific Northwest Energy Digest for January 2017.  Some highlights include the following: 


—Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) reports re Climate Change & Solar Energy

—Oregon Dept of Energy Renewable Energy Grant

--Business Oregon with larger community solar projects

--OPUC re Transportation electrification rules

--OPUC re Energy storage guidelines


--Legislature's Technology & Economic Development Committee re renewables policies


—Idaho National Lab's education STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) grants

--Idaho National Lab's Electric Vehicle research 

--INL & nuclear museum


—Carbon capture from Colstrip coal plant

—Interim Legislative Newsletter 


—Governor's Response to White House Announcement re Oil and Gas Leasing in the Arctic

National (the other Washington):

--SBA grants for SBIR and STTR grants (small business and technology/innovation)

--Federal court ruling denying dismissal of childrens' lawsuit re climate change

--Aquaharmonics in Portland, OR wins a Wave Energy prize from US Dept of Energy


--National Governors' Association modernizing the grid, including Oregon and Washington 

Pacific Northwest Energy Digest April 2015

Diane Henkels

Greetings Energy colleagues,

Please find at this link a summary of mostly government related energy events for April 2015:

Energy Digest

Please click here if you would like to receive the Pacific Northwest Energy Digest approximately once a month distribution and you do not already receive this information:

Some highlights include the following:


—Links to the upcoming Bonn, Germany Technical Experts meetings for the UN Framework on Climate Change 

—States public utilities commissions meeting with Bonneville Power Administration in Portland, OR

—State by state update on legislative sessions’ energy related bills in Energy Digest appendices  


—Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development Sage Grouse rule making

—PacifiCorp Integrated Resource Plan

—Oregon Public Utilities Commission Resource Value of Solar

—Chernaik v. Kitzhaber climate change litigation


—Clean Energy Fund winner updates

—PacifiCorp Integrated Resource Plan

—Pacific Power Rate Case


—Air quality permits for pipeline project

—Pacificorp general rate case

—5 year contracts for PURPA projects


—Northwestern Energy application to revise rates paid to qualifying facilities

—Coal Board environmental review process presentation

—Building code annual conference


—Rate increase for natural gas transportation

—Alaska Services Commission examining and acting on rules re purchasing power from qualifying facilities

—New rules re power project loan funds

National--the other Washington:

---Executive Order 13693--Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade

---FERC workshop re the Section 106 and Tribal consultation processes re cultural resources

---Technical conference on policy issues associated with reliability of the Bulk Power System

---Fish and Wildlife Service re Sage Grouse

---9th Cir oral argument re FERC & Redispatch policy

Special thanks to Attorney Tim Martin, LLM, for assistance in producing this issue.  Thank you also to Bjarke Kronborg, eWind Solutions, Inc., for editing assistance.  Errors are to be attributed only to Henkels Law LLC, and check back for site corrections.    The Pacific Northwest Energy Digest is improving.  Feel free to reply with comments as to how you would like to see it evolve.